Our café offers a great selection of cakes, pies, pastries, cookies and breads from our bakery, plus fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, crepes and hot and frozen drinks. The café is open from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Happy hour is on Monday-Friday, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. and saves you $1 off the drink menu! We also have healthy and fun Kids Menus! Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. (Ask about the "Coffee Freak" card!)

Party Room Available

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For directions please see the map on our contact page.


See our menu below, or download a printer-friendly PDF version.

Fresh Salads

Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad, $8.95

A unique Caesar salad topped with chicken, bacon, carrots, tomatoes and homemade croutons.

Chicken Caesar Salad, $7.95

A great Caesar salad topped with tasty grilled slices of chicken. Try it as a wrap!

Tuna Salad, $7.50

Made fresh with cream cheese. Served with sliced avocado and fresh fruit or pasta salad.

Gourmet Chicken Salad, $7.50

Our most popular item! A unique recipe including grapes and almonds. Served with fresh fruit or pasta salad.

The Chez Sampler, $7.95

Can’t decide? Try them both! Tuna and chicken salads served with fresh fruit or pasta salad.

Spinach Salad, $7.95

Fresh spinach with chopped eggs and applewood smoked bacon. (Add a grilled chicken breast for only $1.95.)

Bryan’s Salad, $8.95

A "Chez" favorite! Topped with crisp bacon, grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, almonds, cheddar cheese, tomato and avocado.

California Salad, $7.50

Mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, avocado and artichoke hearts with our house vinaigrette. (Add a grilled chicken breast for only $1.95.)

Chef Salad, $8.25

This one’s big! Lots of meats and cheeses.

Very Berry Salad, $7.95

Chrispy greens, dried cranberries, grapes and strawberries with tomatoes, mandarin oranges and almonds.

Fresh Fruit Salad
$3.95 cup, $4.95 bowl

Seasonal fruits include: honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes and pineapple.

Dressings available:

  • Paris Vinaigrette
  • Balsamic
  • Honey Dijon
  • Strawberry Vinaigrette
  • Ranch

Homemade Quiche

Quiche du Jour, $7.65

Served with dinner salad, fresh fruit or pasta salad. (Ask your server about the quiche of the day.)

Crepe Favorites

Chicken Florentine Crepes, $9.95

Chicken in a creamy white wine sauce with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

Crepes du Jour

Ralph’s Choice! Ask your server what’s cooking!

Dessert Crepes

Ask your server about these unique treats!

Please allow at least 10 minutes to prepare fresh! All crepes served with dinner salad, fresh fruit or pasta salad.

Hot Soups

Gracie’s Chicken Tortilla or
Soup du Jour, $3.95 cup, $4.95 bowl

Kick it up with avocado and cheddar cheese added to the tortilla soup for just a buck!

Build Your Own Sandwich!

Sandwiches starting at $6.25

Choose Your Bread:

  • Croissant
  • Wheat Roll
  • Sourdough
  • Six Grain
  • Baguette
  • Wrap

Choose Your Meat:

  • Smoked Turkey*
  • Roast Beef*
  • Honey Ham*
  • Chicken Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • (Extra meat, $1.00)

Choose Your Cheese:

  • Provolone
  • Cheddar
  • Pepperjack
  • Swiss
  • (Extra cheese, $.50)

Choose Your Dressing:

  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Dijon
  • Chipotle Mayo
  • BBQ Ranch
  • Honey Mustard

Choose Your Veggies:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Mushrooms ($.50)
  • Grilled Onions ($.50)
  • Sprouts $.50)
  • Avocado ($.50)

All served with a pickle spear and chips. (Substitute chips with fresh fruit or pasta salad for $1.95.)

*96% or more fat free

Soup & Sandwich Combo, $7.50

Half of any of the sandwiches listed above with a cup of soup, served with chips and a pickle spear. (The wrap is not available on the half combos.)

Speciality Sandwiches

All served with a pickle spear and chips. (Substitute chips with fresh fruit or pasta salad for $1.95.)

Jamaican Chicken, $7.50

Dad’s all-time favorite! Grilled with our special blend of spices, grilled onions and provolone cheese on sourdough bun.

Veggie Combo, $7.25

Avocado, tomato, swiss, cheddar, sprouts and fresh spinach on our honey wheat.

Club Sandwich, $7.50

An old classic!

Russell’s Roast Beef Stack, $7.75

Lean roast beef on baguette topped with grilled onions, melted swiss cheese and BBQ ranch sauce.

Tuna Avocado, $7.50

With tomato and sprouts on your choice of bread.

Cordon Bleu, $7.75

Grilled chicken and honey ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce and honey mustard on a croissant.

Smoked Turkey Avocado, $7.50

With provolone cheese, tomato and sprouts on a buttery croissant. Great as a wrap, too!

French Dip, $7.50

On our baguette bread and au jus for soaking.

Southwest Chicken or Beef, $7.50

Grilled with tomato and melted pepperjack with sliced avocado on sourdough bun.

Turkey Bacon Melt, $7.25

Smoked turkey, applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese on sourdough bun.

Grilled Artichoke Chicken, $7.75

A wrap with grilled chicken with onions, tomatoes...and yes grilled artichokes! Topped with provolone cheese and fresh spinach.


Cold Drinks

  • Iced Chez Mocha, $2.75
  • Italian Sodas, $1.95
  • Chocolate Moo, $1.95
  • Orange Cream, $2.50
  • Soft Drinks, $1.95
  • Regular Iced Tea, $1.95
  • Flavored Tea, $2.25
  • Raspberry Tea, $2.25
  • Honey Lemon Green Tea, $2.50
  • Frozen Fruit Smoothies, $3.95
  • Iced Chai Latte, $3.50

Check out all of our flavored syrups, just $.25 a shot!

Hot Drinks

  • Regular Coffee, $1.75
  • Espresso, $1.50
  • Cappuccino, $2.95
  • Americano, $2.25
  • Café Latte, $2.95
  • Hot Chocolate, $2.50
  • Hot Tea, $2.25
  • Mocha Latte, $2.95
  • Caramel Mocha Latte, $3.50

Add a shot of Espresso for $.75.

Frozen Drinks

  • Mocha Frappe, $3.95
  • White Chocolate Frappe, $3.95
  • Frozen Mochaccino, $4.75
  • Cotton Candy, $4.25
  • Chocolate Almond, $4.25
  • Peaches & Cream, $4.25